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Stone Crusher - 90 capsules

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Product Description

Bottle size: 90 capsules

Suggested adult usage: 2-3 capsules, twice a day on an empty stomach. May increase to 3-4 times a day for increased pain relief. (This amount is based on a 150 lb. individual. Amount should be adjusted according to weight.)

Approximate supply: 15-22 days

If you’ve ever suffered through kidney stones or gallstones, you know how excruciatingly painful they can be! If you haven’t, you are fortunate, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t at risk. We now have an all-natural, herbal product that not only helps prevent stones, but also helps break up existing stones for easy, safe, and most importantly: PAIN-FREE elimination.

Hope For Health’s Stone Crusher is 100% pure Chanca Piedra from the tropical rainforests of Peru!

Health Benefits of our Stone Crusher:
• Balances and improves digestion 
• Stimulates healthy menstrual flow 
• Helps detoxify the liver and kidneys 
• Provides relief from pain and inflammation 
• Assists in eliminating foreign particles, mucous, and other obstructions throughout the body

Stone Crusher and Pain Relief
Brazilian researchers have discovered powerful, long-lasting pain-blocking activity in the roots, stems and leaves of several different species of Phyllanthus, including Phyllanthus niruri (Chanca Piedra). In fact, one extract proved to be about four times more potent than a popular NSAID and three times the strength of morphine against inflammatory pain (for post-operative pain). The pain blockers in Phyllanthus have been identified by the Brazilians as gallic acid, ethyl ester, and the steroidal compounds as beta-sitosterol and stigmasterol.

Gallstones and Kidney Stones
Gallstones and kidney stones are a major health problem in the United States. In fact, it is estimated that around 20,000,000 people in the U.S. suffer from these conditions each year, with around 600,000 of them receiving treatment. With the introduction of Chanca Piedra, health care practitioners have acquired a powerful plant ally in helping their patients maintain optimal kidney, gallbladder, liver, and bladder health.

Kidney stones form when certain substances, calcium oxalate, calcium phosphate, magnesium ammonium phosphate, uric acid or cystine - become so concentrated in the urine that they form into hard, solid lumps. This is usually due to chronic dehydration, infection, various kidney disorders, deficiencies in magnesium, or excess purines or oxalates in the diet. The main symptom of kidney stones is pain in the left or right lower back or pelvic area that becomes excruciating as the stone attempts to leave the kidney through narrow tubes called ureters.

FACT: The name Chanca Piedra literally means “Stone Breaker”. It got its name because of its innate ability to break up and expel both kidney and gall stones. It is believed to help stimulate the production of bile and to promote healthy liver and gall bladder function.

Did you know? The cost of kidney stones is estimated at almost $2 billion annually and continues increasing every year!

Doctors Use Chanca Piedra Worldwide:
• Dr. Wolfram Wiemann of Nuremburg, Germany has used Chanca Piedra in his medical practice in Germany. He reported that 94% of all the cases he encountered among his patients with gallstones or kidney stones were “completely eliminated” within one to two weeks.
• Another Amazon physician interviewed about the use of Chanca Piedra for his patients said that the plant worked 100% of the time without any side effects. (While not characterized as a side effect, it is noted that for several hours during the actual process of elimination of the stones, some patients experienced stomach cramps.)

Chanca Piedra Studies
Since the 1960’s a growing body of scientific studies have been published on Chanca Piedra, with over 300 studies carried out to date! Indian and Brazilian research groups were the first to conduct these studies since the plant was indigenous to their areas, with a long history of use by their inhabitants. The Brazilian researchers have summarized their research stating, “Pre-clinical and clinical studies carried out with the extracts from these plants support most of their reported uses for a wide variety of pathological conditions.”
• Research done on Chanca Piedra in Brazil at the Federal University of Santa Catarina revealed an alkaloid (phyllanthoside) in the leaves and stem with strong antispasmodic activity. It served as a smooth muscle relaxer, and they concluded that its spasmolytic action probably accounted for its mastery at expelling stones.
• In a 1999 study, researchers confirmed that Chanca Piedra has a potent and effective inhibitory effect on the formation of calcium- oxalate crystals and decreases the size of existing stones. Not only that, but also this effect was found even at very high levels of calcium oxalate, which indicates that it might be a useful preventative aid for people with a history of kidney stones.
• In a 2002 study, researchers seeded the bladders of rats with calcium oxalate crystals and treated them for 42 days with a water extract of Chanca Piedra. Their results indicated that Chanca Piedra strongly inhibited the growth and number of stones formed over the control group.
• In 2003, scientists studying the inhibition of calcium oxalate crystal formation in urine samples found that Chanca Piedra could help prevent the formation of kidney stones stating, “It may interfere with stone formation and may represent an alternative form of treatment and/or prevention of urolithiasis (urinary tract stones).”

Pregnancy and Breast-feeding

Not enough is known about the use of Chanca Piedra during pregnancy and breast-feeding. Stay on the safe side and avoid use.

Drug Interactions:

Lithium: Chanca Piedra has diuretic properties. Taking this herb might decrease how well the body gets rid of lithium. This could increase how much lithium is in the body and result in serious side effects. Talk with your health care provider before using this product if you are taking lithium. Your lithium dose might need to be changed.

Blood-Sugar Regulating Drugs: Chanca Piedra might decrease blood sugar. Taking this herb along with blood sugar-lowering medications might cause your blood sugar to go too low. Monitor your blood sugar closely.



*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to prevent, diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.

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Product Reviews


    Posted by on 13th Apr 2017


  2. LIFE SAVER 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 18th Oct 2016

    I get kidney stones and taken these pills get rid of them and helps with the pain.
    I fully recommend these pills.

  3. Good anti inflamatory 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 1st Sep 2015

    I use Ibuprofen for pain and inflammation but after using Stone Crusher I have stayed away from Ibuprofen. I thought I had kidney stones but apparently not since the pain in my back over the kidney still is there. But the muscle aches and pains that I used to have subsided substantially.

  4. Great Product 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 19th Jan 2015

    I have used this product only for a couple of weeks but can tell it's doing what it's supposed to. I do not have either Kidney or Gallstones and pray I never have them but got the "Stone Crusher" for the other values it has, ie. balancing Blood Pressure and Cholesterol...I haven't had any labs done so far but I do feel better...

  5. Stone crusher 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 18th Nov 2014

    I had been have back pain since an accident in 2006. It seemed to get better and then go back to worst. So over the years of Dr. visits I just couldn't get better. In 2011 I had another accident and begin more treatment. After a while it would feel better and then all of the sudden it would go back to continuous pain, taking 5 to 6 pain pills a day. A few months ago Oct. 2014, I was in bed one Sunday morning in the early am, I begin to get a pain in my back that increased as time went by to the point that my wife had to call the ambulance. After taking the necessary test at the ER, they informed me that I had kidney stones. Five to be exact, one 7mm, four 1mm and that I would need to see a urologist within the next three days. I went work on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday feeling like something was trying to exit my side. After revealing to my manager my situation , she informed me of a health food store, that her husband had experienced stones and Dr Herb as he is known, has what I needed, Stone Crushers!!!! I went and got a bottle, begin to take them immediately and after three days (amazing), after three day I could feel the difference and around the six day my pain in my side had went from on a scale of 1-10 ,ten being the worst, I had about a 9, seriously. It went from 5 to six pills a day down to one. Amazing, this capsules dissolved the stones as though they never existed. I could stand long, I could sit up long, before I had to aways be in a reclined position. I tell the WORLD, STONE CRUSHERS WORKS, IT AMAZING,,,,,,,,,,

  6. works great 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 4th Feb 2014

    i was diagnosed with a kidney stone at 4mm in diameter. i used stone crusher for 4 days. Then i went to hospital for the laser procedure to zap the stone, after the procedure the dr said he couldnt find a stone to zap. This product works!

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